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Nutrigenomic Testing

                    Take Control of Your Health Today!
   Awareness, Knowledge, Actionable Steps, Based on Your DNA

Your journey towards taking control of your health and well-being begins with understanding how your body works. Genetic testing empowers you to do just that! Rethink Your Meal has partnered with 3 x 4 Genetics to bring you the most advanced, cutting edge test based on 20+ years of scientific and clinical research.

Health decisions no longer have to be based on generalized recommendations and without understanding your unique genetic blueprint.

                  Your health is too important for a one-size-fits-all approach.

Your personalized blueprint summary is compiled using advanced testing and analysis grouping  genes into 36 key metabolic pathways.

3 x 4 Pathway Summary 1.png
3 x 4 Pathway summary 2.png
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