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Benefits of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing provides insights into who you are and how you function at a cellular level. These scientific advances enables trained RD Practitioners such as myself, to translate your unique genetic blueprint into a science-based, personalized nutrition, and lifestyle road map to follow and help guide you every step of the way. It is this level of understanding where your true health and wellness journey care begins by taking a deeper look into what makes you-uniquely, imperfectly perfect, YOU!

During our Genetic Testing Analysis one-on-one session, I will simplify and interpret the nutritional science in a way that provides you the clarity you need to understand how your body's blueprint functions and responds to the world in which you live. This will provide valuable insight such as:

  • What foods to include/exclude from your daily meals.

  • What type of diet is best suited to optimize weight loss.

  •  What environmental impacts are harmful to you.

  •  How to maximize your fitness level and prevent injury.

  •  How to extend your lifespan through dietary, lifestyle and possible dietary supplementation recommendations if warranted.

  • How your body processes nutrients such as caffeine, fats, gluten, key vitamins, and much more!

Are You Ready to Start Your Personalized Health Journey?

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